Product Description

The E-Transmission system from the HPD E Powertrain electrification product range is now available to order as a standalone product. Suitable for use in hybrid or electric vehicles, the compact, lightweight transmission system has been designed to be installed with a wide range of e-motors.

Product Details


Electric Vehicles

Passenger Cars

Sports Cars

Classic Cars

Hybrid Cars

Light Commercial Vehicles


250 x 384 x 22817.9kg

Main Technical Data

Transmission TypeSingle Speed
Max. Input Torque (Nm)204
Max. Motor Speed (rpm) 10,500
Gear TypeHelical Gears
Differential TypeStandard/Open
Lubrication TypeSplash
Oil Capacity (L)0.75
Installation Angle (degs)15.0 Max
Transmission Ratio Options11.508 or 6.332
Max. Nominal Output Torque (Nm) 2348 or 1292
Max. Nominal Output Speed (rpm) 912 or 1658


With a purpose designed adaptor flange for mounting the e-motor in addition to multiple installation points, the E-Transmission system offers the user a high degree of flexibility for fitment in to a wide range of vehicles.

Optional Extras

  • Black Satin Finish
  • Universal Flanged Driveshaft Joint Housings
  • Classic Mini Driveshaft Joint Housings
  • Limited Slip Differential