Inline Electric Powertrain (HPDL)

Product Description

Designed specifically for use in both rear & all-wheel drive electric vehicles, the compact, lightweight and powerful electrification systems can be installed into a wide range of vehicles from sports cars to boats. Compatible with Swindon Powertrains accessories to simplify the installation.

Product Details


Commercial Vehicles

Light Commercial Vehicles

AWD Utility Vehicles

Classic Cars

Sports Cars


Other Applications


HPD 128 L342 x 246 x 508mm42kg (Dry)
HPD 190 L342 x 246 x 570mm53.5kg (Dry)
HPD 240 L342 x 246x 632mm65kg (Dry)
HPD 128 L335 x 246 x 508mm53.5 kg (Dry)
HPD 190 L335 x 246 x 570mm61.3 kg (Dry)
HPD 240 L335 x 246 x 632mm71.8 kg (Dry)

Main Technical Data

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SpecificationsHPD 128 LHPD 190 LHPD 240 L
Peak Power Rating (kW)128@ 10,300 rpm190 @ 9,500 rpm240 @ 9,000 rpm
E-Motor Continuous Power Rating (kW):80120190
E-Motor Max. Torque (Nm)136204269
E-Motor Max. Efficiency (%)97 @ 8,000 rpm97 @ 8,000 rpm97 @ 8,000 rpm
Max. E-Motor Speed (rpm)150001500015000
E-Transmission Lubrication SystemSplash Lubrication (Optional Oil Cooler)Splash Lubrication (Optional Oil Cooler)Splash Lubrication (Optional Oil Cooler)
E-Transmission Oil Capacity (L)0.5 (W/O Optional Oil Cooler)0.5 (W/O Optional Oil Cooler)0.5 (W/O Optional Oil Cooler)
E-Transmission Output Drive ConfigurationRWD or AWDRWD or AWDRWD or AWD
E-Transmission Central Differential Specification (AWD)Std or LSDStd or LSDStd or LSD
E-Transmission Reduction Gear Ratios3.368:1 to 4.588:13.368:1 to 4.588:13.368:1 to 4.588:1
Max. Output Torque (Nm)458 or 624687 or 936906 or 1,234
Max. Output Speed (rpm)4,454 or 3,2694,454 or 3,2674,454 or 3,269
Output Drive Flange(s)Universal Propshaft Coupling (s)Universal Propshaft Coupling (s)Universal Propshaft Coupling (s)


With bespoke gearbox & e-motor mounting brackets designed for AV mounting of the EDU, the HPD L Powertrain Systems offer the user a high degree of flexibility for fitment in to a wide range of vehicles

Also included as part of the HPD L Powertrain System kit, are universal output drive flanges for both RWD or AWD propshaft configurations

Optional Extras

  • Output Flange
  • Limited Slip Differential – AWD Variants
  • Transmission and Motor Mounting Kits
  • DC DC Converter/On Board Charger
  • Speed Sensor Kit+ Trigger Wheel
  • Coolant System Pump Kit
  • Inverter Systems
  • Throttle Pedal
  • Gear Selector
  • Black Satin Finish